Egg Farci

Potato And Egg Recipes
6 hard-boiled eggs 2 cupfuls of mashed potatoes 1 cupful of finely chopped cold cooked meat 1 tablespoonful of chopped parsley 1 tablespoonful of butter 1 tablespoonful of flour 1 gill (a half cupful) of milk 1 level teaspoonful of salt d 1 teaspoonful of onion juice1 saltspoonful of pepper Hard-boil the eggs, chop them {More...}

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Omelet With Potatoes

Potato And Egg Recipes
4 eggs 1 cupful of mashed potatoes 2 level tablespoonfuls of butter 1 tablespoonful of chopped parsley 1 level teaspoonful of salt 1 saltspoonful of pepper Beat the eggs, without separating, until thoroughly mixed; add them gradually to the mashed potato, beating all the while; add the salt d and pepper. Put the butter into {More...}

Eggs A La Regence

Potato And Egg Recipes
6 eggs 1/2 cupful of chopped cold cooked ham 1 grated onion 1/2 can of chopped mushrooms 2 tablespoonfuls of butter 2 tablespoonfuls of flour 1/2 pint of chicken stock 1/2 teaspoonful of salt 1 saltspoonful of pepper Stand the ham over hot water until thoroughly heated. Rub the butter and flour together, add the {More...}