6 lg Tomatoes, blanched, skinned
1 lg Red onion
1 lg Green or red bell pepper
2 bn Radishes, trimmed
3 lg Carrots
3 lg Celery ribs
2 md Cucumbers, unpeeled
2 ea Hot green chilies, seeded
6 lg Garlic cloves, peeled
2 tb Olive oil
1/2 c Tomato paste
6 1/4 c Vegetable stock
1 3/4 c Dry red wine
Salt Chop all vegetables & put in large bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Stir well. Blend in stages until there are no vegetable chunks left, but don”t let the soup become too thin. Add salt to taste & chill before serving. Adapted from Ismail Merchant, “Indian Cuisine”